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  • The Future of Eyewear Delivery Is Here

    The future of custom-fit arrives from above

    Posted on by Alexis Gallagher


    At Topology, we make every pair of glasses from scratch, sculpting the frame to fit the customer based on a detailed 3D model of their face.

    One of the delights of working here is all the technology this requires – Swift, JavaScript, computer graphics, machine learning, and even steel-cutting lasers and robots to build the product itself.

    But we wanted to go further. We’re all proud to share what we think is a little piece of the future:

    If you’re interested in pushing forward the boundaries of drone-delivered eyewear – or even merely iOS, web development, computer graphics, or machine learning – please reach out, because we’re hiring!.

Topology makes custom eyeglasses and sunglasses, perfectly sculpted to fit one person at a time. Our app combines video capture, 3D rendering, and Core Motion (among other things) to create a premium experience for our users. Sound interesting? We’re hiring, please get in touch!

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